VANSUYT Law Firm can assist you in the following practice areas: 

debt recovery and credit management

  • Collection of overdue payments with respect to national and/or international debtors
  • Unilateral procedure European order for Payment
  • Drafting and adapting of general terms and conditions for a better protection against bad payers, against insolvency of your clients, for a restriction of your liability, etc.
  • Prejudgment attachment and attachment in execution on movable property and immovable property
  • When necessary filing of a claim in a procedure according to the Law on the Continuity of Enterprises (WCO)/bankruptcy/collective debt settlement of your debtor

commercial law / insolvency law

  • Purchase – Sale
  • Distribution of products or services (agreements of concession, agency or commission, franchising…)
  • Broker agreements and real estate transactions
  • IT-law & e-commerce
  • Leasing & hire-purchase
  • Commercial practice, unfair competition and prohibitory injunction
  • Bankruptcy (filing of a claim, relation with curator, banks, creditors, liability claims…)
  • Procedures in accordance with the Law on the Continuity of Enterprises (WCO) on the side of creditor and debtor

banking law and financial law

  • Loan agreements (consumer loan agreements, mortgage loan, professional credit)
  • Financial intermediaries (agents and brokers)
  • Securities (i.e. suretyship, pledge, set-off, joint debtor, mortgage)

construction and contracting law

  • Liability of contractors and architects
  • Judicial and amicable expertise
  • Drafting and checking of contracting agreements and general conditions

criminal law

  • Defence of both victims and suspects/offenders
  • Possibility of assistance during the first interrogation of a suspect who has been deprived of his/her liberty by police and/or examining magistrate (so-called “Salduz”-assistance)
  • Assistance both during the phase of the investigation (regarding police/public prosecutions department, examining magistrate, court in chambers, indictments chamber) and during the phase of the treatment (before the Police Court, Correctional Court, Assize Court, Supreme Court)
  • Assistance during mediation in criminal cases both for victims and for suspects/offenders
  • Both general and specific criminal law (ranging from (un)intentional assault with injuries to theft, abuse of confidence, fraud, extortion, possession and selling of narcotics, fiscal fraud/tax evasion)
  • Assistance before the sentence enforcement courts

traffic law

  • Defence of both victims and suspects/offenders
  • Criminal defence before the Police Court / Correctional Court as a result of prosecution by the public prosecutions department because of non-insurance, no valid driver’s licence, ignoring a driving ban, infractions of the first, second, third or fourth degree, hit-and-run, excessive blood alcohol level, driving under the influence, …
  • Providing legal advice concerning liability after traffic collisions

corporate law

  • Corporate law documents (publication in the Belgian official journal “Belgisch Staatsblad”, minutes, corporate housekeeping)
  • Advice on the incorporation of the different types of companies
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Disputes between shareholders (i.e. exclusion and retirement)
  • Managing directors’ liability